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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Your links aren't working, Ookami

    As for having a pet Lucario to play with, I absolutely love the idea! Being able to see him so cheery and cute as you play with him will be beyond adorable ahah. Lucario is one of those Pokémon that I've always seen as the strong and independent type, but releasing a cuter side to him makes him all the better! I fear that his skin would be rather cold from the whole Steel-type element, but I guess that's why we're using a stylus eh? :p
    Darn. They were working when I posted my response...

    I had to dig up the pictures again on the internet. Here is another picture too, hopefully they work this time around.




    I agree. Having every pokemon show their 'cute side' makes them more lovable. :3

    That's a good enough reason.

    Since our club's story hasn't been updated in a while, I might as well add another part to it soon unless anyone else would like to contribute. Don't worry if you're not a good writer or not, it's the creativity that counts!

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