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There can be over 500 species of fish in the same one pond, with their only differences being that they're colored a bit differently.

But do we call God/evolution/the cyborg overlords (don't want to start a debate here but yes they do evolve) lazy or unoriginal? Well maybe not since we have so many others, but my point is, the reason we have more than, what, 1,000 total species is because we have ecological equivalents (in Pokemon eg Pidgey, Tailow, Starly etc) and undiverged species (eg two species of horse that have just stopped being able to mate but still take up the same niche) and related species (we think of a tiger and lion as from two different species but we freak out over Shinx and Litleo?)

So in a made-up universe, who's to say it has to function in one certain way, especially when it's based on a universe that does the complete opposite?

I know I sound stupid there but that's how I see Magnemite vs. Klink, Geodude vs Roggenrola, etc. and still stay sane.

added droomph ramble bonus:

Also, for the people who think there's too many forms, think of it this way - humans alone have 3 or 4 subspecies, or "forms", in which they cannot change out of (such as Shellos or Wormadam), and dogs have about 100 forms (from chihuahua to Great Dane), and chameleons and octopuses have different "forms" they change out of. Just food for thought.

Also Zeus and most Gods can change forms reversibly.

So think about that.

Just think about it.
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