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    Gym Leader/E4/Champion (choose one): Gym Leader

    Name: Jim

    Title: The Wandering Warrior!

    Type specialty: Fighting

    Pokemon: Heracross - Scrafty - Blaziken - Gallade - Cobalion - Hitmontop

    Personality and Background: Born in Castelia city, Jim was raised in an especially rough part of the city solely by his mom. His father had left home when he was 2 to pursue a career as a "great Pokemon champion," and that's all that his mother had told him. When Jim was 9, his mother became gravely ill from an unknown disease, and was forced to stay in the hospital. Jim swore to find a cure, and began his journey across the Poke-world. He caught many Pokemon, and traveled to many regions for several years, until he discovered the SecretPotion in the Johto region. However, by the time he reached his mother, she had died. Overcome with rage, Jim swore to find his father and make him pay for leaving him and his mother to their fate. Jim did not know his father's true name, and only had one picture of him. Jim spent the next year looking for his father, until he discovered that the Elite four member Marshal bore a striking resemblance to him. Determined to take him by surprise, Jim defeated the Unova gyms and eventually challenged Marshal to a fight during the Pokemon League championship. However, Jim discovered that Marshal had somehow lost his memories of his earlier life. Jim felt really guilty about scheming to kill his amnesiac father, and instead decided to train under him, never telling his father that he was his son, or that his wife was dead.

    At 19, and after 2 years of training under his father, Jim became a sort of Roaming Gym Leader, challenging powerful trainers who he came across in his travels, and rewarding them with the very rare and almost legendary Master Badge, which allows a trainer to earn the respect of any Pokemon he meets.

    (Whoa I turned that into a mini-fan-fic, kwehehe)