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    This project stems from "Pokemon Champion Version," a hack project which I maintained ownership for over a year. My group is looking for talented individuals interested in contributing to a large community project designing a new alternative to Pokemon we call "Project Mokepon," a working title.

    This post will be updated with more content as it is produced, but we have much to still discuss about the internal game workings. The game is more like traditional role-playing games and takes influences from various trading card games. Notable features will include:
    • 65 New Mokepon: Help us create and critique new Mokepon for the game!
    • Unlimited Moves: Including basic attacks, Mokepon are able to use much more than 4 moves!
    • Ability Points: Mokepon have more points to use, and moves have different ability point costs!
      Categorized by Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks, and AP is regenerated gradually every turn.
    • AOE Damage: Trainers can take damage from moves that cause area of effect (AOE) damage!
      There should always be more than one way to win.
    • Blacksmiths and Armor: Replaces permanent natures and quality increases percentages!
    • More to come!
    To join in on the project, you do not require any special skills, just an above-average understanding and passion for Pokemon. Art skills in any media and at any level are recommended but being able to critique designs constructively is essential. You are already here on the PokeCommunity, so that's a good start!

    Those of you in the programming/scripting department interested in joining, we will be using C# to make the game, and an open-source game engine that will likely be NetGore if a better alternative is not found soon. If you are interested in learning C# to work on this project (or other personal projects) we will be offering limited support and troubleshooting on our forum.

    Note: We have a banner and a forum but since there is a post restriction for posting links, I will not be able to post them.
    If you would like developer access to the forum, PM me for the details.
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