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    So I don't really know what I'm doing with this whole TCG thing, I have a lot of cards to sell/price from when me and my elementary school friends traded and such so if I do something wrong or seem overly excited about a card that is actually worthless please excuse me. Anyways, I'll start with these four:
    1. Blastoise, EX Crystal Guardians, 2/100. Not sure if this makes a difference but it's holographic on the name, border, and just the Blastoise in the picture, but not the background. Slightly folded bottom right corner. Delta Species.
    2. Dark Tyranitar, EX Team Rocket Returns, 20/109. Told this was the less valuable one, slightly holographic in the picture (it seems to be just random spots, can't pinpoint one thing)
    3. Salamence, EX Delta Species, 14/113. Holographic border and Salamence in picture, Delta Species.
    4. Feraligatr, Mysterious Treasures, 8/123. Holographic in background of picture. I had this in a card protector, so it might be important for some reason?

    Thanks to anyone who gives me prices, it means a lot to me