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    Kali Rose
    Finally it was Kali's turn to order. As she stepped forward, her stomach grumbled loudly again. Grimacing, she addressed the girl at the counter. "Er, sorry about that. I'd like to order a blueberry muffin and a small hot chocolate, please." By the end of her sentence, she was flashing her trademark smile. "I love your hair, by the way!"

    Kali suddenly straightened up and turned her head as if someone had poked her. "Oh my gosh! Crystal! What did you want? I totally forgot to ask you earlier."

    Crystal stepped forward through the crowd of their class and starred at the menu. "Uh, I'll take a couple of sugar cookies."

    "Is that it? How about something for later?" Kali looked at her friend with concern.

    "Nah, I'll be OK," Crystal waved a hand at Kali, and Kali raised an eyebrow in return.

    Turning back to the girl at the counter, Kali added, "We'll take four sugar cookies to go, please. Oh, and two bottles of water as well."

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