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Originally Posted by CliCliW View Post
Like most people I'm not really gone on the Talonflame thing, it just ruins the Awesome design! But for what I don't like there's nicknames so I'm not really too fussed... Heck, I can already see myself calling Litleo Squall or Leon!

Love love LOVE Vivillon, even though I'm going to pronounce it wrong all the time out of choice!

Helioptile, I'm not really a fan of either. I don't know why, it just really bothers me. Either way I don't think he'll be on my team so it shouldn't have to worry too much about it!

With reference to the GenV names, sure Nintendo/GF dubbers had a few Brainfarts creating the names, but imho there's still a pretty awesome few names there. Haxorus, Heidreigon, Braviary, Unfeazant, and Samurott to name some.
I basically agree with this lady here. I liked the names of most of these new Pokemon, especially Spewpa, Vivillon, Pancham, Skrelp, Clauncher and Noivern. The starters all have good names too (I do love the ring Chespin has, and Froakie's is cute too) and while some Pokemon names are basic hybrids of certain words (Fennekin = Fennec fox + Kindle for example) I do like some of the origins with them.

I did love most of the 5th Gen Pokemon's names, a lot of them were really creative, like Elgyem and Beheeyem being pronounced like "LGM" and "BEM" and the Deino line all having names based on German names for one, two and three, representing how many heads each member of the line had. And most of the Legendaries had pretty cool names as well.
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