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"Secrets From Out of the Fog!"
Airdate: 22 June 2013 [USA]


The kids have followed N and the two mysterious girls into an area enclosed in fog. The two girls are N's sisters and live there with Pokémon who have been hurt by humans. The girls don't trust the kids, but N vouches for them. Plasma somehow finds their way in and begins attacking everyone. N does something and drops the kids out of the foggy place and near Dragonspiral Tower.

I really liked seeing how N compares to the two girls here. He's been travelling, broadening his horizons and seeking to understand the main world while the girls have been isolated and their thoughts and ideas turning back in on themselves. They never saw the positivity the world has to offer that N has found mainly through the kids. I dunno it's just interesting to see how isolation does affect viewpoints. Because the girls went through essentially what N did, but he's opening up again while they seek only the company of each other.
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