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    At least it's not from Awakening...

    Don't know if anybody picked up on the subtle mention of it, but Nirvana is in evil mode at the moment. So, that automatically makes him a better fighter, but also means he might attempt to stab you in the back, literally. Dotcom is safe for the moment, but only because good Nirvana is messing with evil Nirvana's actions. Afterwards, who knows? Well, actually I'm pretty sure there's no attacking a player if they don't want you to, but oh the suspense!

    @Pink&Shiny: Would it be okay to call Nirvana's split personality a particular name? It's just so annoying having to refer to Nirvana's other self as "other self." I was thinking Samsara or Nightmare, something that would either be evil sounding (Nightmare) or the opposite of Nirvana (Samsara).
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