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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
*And the Fire Emblem Count rises to 3*
Actually… 4.

I suppose you haven't seen Skymin's SU yet d;

Originally Posted by Colony View Post
At least it's not from Awakening... -_-

Don't know if anybody picked up on the subtle mention of it, but Nirvana is in evil mode at the moment. So, that automatically makes him a better fighter, but also means he might attempt to stab you in the back, literally. >_> Dotcom is safe for the moment, but only because good Nirvana is messing with evil Nirvana's actions. Afterwards, who knows? Well, actually I'm pretty sure there's no attacking a player if they don't want you to, but oh the suspense!

@Pink&Shiny: Would it be okay to call Nirvana's split personality a particular name? It's just so annoying having to refer to Nirvana's other self as "other self." I was thinking Samsara or Nightmare, something that would either be evil sounding (Nightmare) or the opposite of Nirvana (Samsara).
Anything wrong with the FEA references? I kind of find it amusing.

Give that personality a name :p it's your character plus it would be easier for others to read~ ^^
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