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Dylan O’Connell aka Derek Hoechlin

“These thoughts, they circle in my mind, these demons, I can’t leave behind…”

Age: 26 (April 25, 1987)
Race: Pure Lycanthrope
Location: Dublin, Ireland


Human: Standing at a little under five foot eleven, and weighing in at around one hundred and seventy-five pounds, Colin is perhaps considered to be of typical, Irish build. A few days’ worth of stubble covers his angular jaw line, growing more lengthened around his lips and chin, much akin to a goatee. Chocolate brown eyes hide beneath thick eyebrows as the faint marks of sleep deprivation add to the angry glare that he casts on people. His dark brown, bordering on black dishevelled hair rests on his head as if he hardly cares to run a comb through it. Not so much bed hair, but rather styled to look messy. His musculature remains well defined; a sign that he takes more care of his body, than he does of his facial appearance.

Clothing choice is usually whatever he can find that resembles some sort of cleanliness. Most often he will wear t-shirts, his body running marginally higher than that of normal humans, but also due to the relative ease and fit they provide as well as not restraining his body movement. Pants however, are often some sort of varying colour of jeans that are more often than not, ripped or frayed in places and do not cling to his skin. These jeans are often held up by a simple leather belt with a steel fastener. Shoes are generally optional, as he prefers to keep his feet free, more so due to his wolf like prowess and how much faster he can run and move about barefooted. If shoes are a necessity, he often wears hiking styled boots as they feel more comfortable and last a lot longer than other flatter soled shoes do.

A hybridization of both family crests covers much of this upper right arm while a tungsten carbide ring wraps around his middle finger. On his left arm, a large, leather bracelet wraps around his wrist, fastened together by twin buckles, while another ring rests on his index finger, a tattoo in Gaelic wrapping around the ring finger. Quite often, he is found to have a cigarette resting between his fingers when not drawing in the smoke. A small Celtic cross hanging from a leather necklace rests between his pectorals; a sign of the faith he places in a higher power.

Wolf: His wolf form retains the same golden eye colour as appears in the shadow world, but chocolate brown rings wrap around his eyes, darker where his eyebrows would be. His coat tends to be a mix of brown, grey and white, with much of his top and over coat a darker chocolate brown, gradually colouring into a darker grey on his flanks while his softer underbelly remains a dirty white colour. The brown fur tends to be thicker than the soft, white underbelly fur, yet all retain a soft sheen to it. His tail remains brown in colour, while the tip of it gradually becomes a darker brown-grey. As a Lycanthrope, he is largely bigger than the wild wolves found elsewhere in the world, as well as being bigger and stronger than other Lycanthropes due to his hereditary Lycanthropic genes. A scar hooking around his ear is the most prominent of his scars from battles past, and one of the only ones to vaguely appear in a similar region in his human form.


Suffice to say, Dylan believes his Lycanthropy to be more of a blessing in disguise than the typical disease that much of the Shadow World portrays it to be. In fact, Dylan appreciates his superhuman prowess in strength, speed and physical abilities as a side effect of his Lycanthropic nature. He enjoys the rush of adrenaline that comes with the exertion of his added Lycanthropic ability as well as his enhanced senses; his pure breed-ness only serving as more of a bolster to his enjoyment of his predisposition. He tries to avoid many that view the Lycanthropy as a disease, as he prefers to remain ignorant to their point of view. However, within a pack, he will still associate with them as part of the pack mentality, but will view himself as a higher spot in the idealised “pecking order”. While he is appreciative of his ancestry, he tries to keep it as hidden as possible, for fear or recognition by the Shadowhunters for his parents’ sacrifice.

When he is around people, Dylan is quite loud and boisterous, often willing to show off his strength, speed or other enhanced attributes, whether it is in a brawl, a dare or a general want for an adrenaline rush. If it wasn’t for his caretaker forbidding him, he would have already tried to take over leadership of his wolf pack. He is far from shy, even further from self-consciousness, and is not afraid to lose his shirt at any given time. As long as you’re a party animal and have a similar enthusiasm as Dylan, you will get on well with him. All in all, he is a very extroverted individual. He essentially possess a 'devil may care' attitude, knowing full well that much of what he attempts, be it crazy or insane, is possible due to his more than human abilities. He's out to have fun and enjoy life, while conquering Shadowhunters along the way.

He possesses a deep set hatred for Shadowhunters, not only due to their wanton destruction and annihilation of his Lycanthropic brethren, but also he holds all Shadowhunters accountable for the death of his parents’, and is often held back by his caretaker so that he doesn’t willingly attack lone Shadowhunters. This hatred only further stimulates his thirst for revenge and reverence for his Lycanthropic ancestry. If anything else, Dylan possesses a large degree of recklessness, with Grigori acting essentially as his conscience by directing him away from his reckless activities. His fear of being captured and killed by Shadowhunters comes second to his fear of heights as his abilities, don't quite stop him from falling off of high things.


Born in 1987 to parents Aedan O’Connell and Kyla Murphy, Dylan was the single and only offspring to the successful mating from two of Ireland and the United Kingdoms’ oldest and largest wolf packs. Until 1990, he was raised within his fathers’ wolf pack, but retains little to no memory of the pack or any remaining lineage. His parent’s brought him to New York in 1990 as their three year old son, while the partook in the summoning of the Inferno Artifacts. He remained in New York for another two years while his parents aided the local wolf packs in their fight alongside the Downworlder brethren against the onslaught of the Shadowhunters. After the Downworlders fell and the Shadowhunters brutally murdered his parents, he fled the country, back to Ireland with his caretaker, and Warlock, Grigori Crowley. The Eastern European demon spawn having being rescued by Dylan’s parents as the result of a demon horde overcoming Grigori’s control. In turn, Grigori thanked the wolf couple for their help, and became, not only the caretaker of Dylan, but also a healer and consort for their wolf pack.

When the Shadowhunters came calling for the children on the Inferno Artifact creators, Grigori fled America, taking Dylan back to Ireland, and hiding out with his mothers’ sides’ wolf pack as several Shadowhunters followed in their wake, instead going for Dylan’s fathers’ more well known of wolf pack. Grigori offered his services as a healer and consort to the pack in exchange for the continued protection of Dylan while he slowly grew up into the Lycanthrope he is today.

Dylan’s first full transformation took place a couple of weeks following his fifteenth birthday while the moon was full. The first thing he noticed, was a rapid increase in his senses only hours before the change, with the first, initial signs of the change coming in the painstaking growth of his teeth into fangs. Soon, fingernails extended into sharp claws, eyes became “wolf-like” and his body began to move through the incredible and rather excruciating pain of restructuring until he became a fully-fledged Lycanthrope. Once the transformation had run its course, Dylan lost all recollection of what happened until the morning where he woke up amidst a paddock strewn with the torn carcasses of the deer that previously inhabited it. With body caked in blood, he made his way back through the woods to the preserve that his wolf pack inhabited and began training with the other newly forged Lycanthropes.

With a mixture of public and home schooling, Dylan barely made it through high school, not even contemplating further study at a tertiary level. While in Ireland, he focusses on working out, controlling his Lycanthropic nature and building on his already existent abilities while working at one of the pack run dog meat factories. His final return to New York has only just been spurred with the sudden opening of the letter his parents left behind for him, accompanied only by his caretaker and essentially guide in the Downworlder society of the Big Apple. After only two weeks, he has successfully assimilated into the newly formed remnants of the wolf pack that his parents previously belonged to during their last visit to New York. Many of the childhood friends he made those twenty odd years ago have survived and whom he gets along great with. Grigori also acts as his ward and healer for the pack, but since coming back to New York, has often left on excursions of which he does not build on the reason for.
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