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    Maybe some attacks could be combined (e.g Gust + Firespin = heatwave / mud slap + surf = muddy water / fire blast + water gun = scald / anything more reasonable than those). This could also contribute to contests in that case. Attacks like rock throw could leave rocks in the area, Surf filling an isolated field with water (thus allowing other non-footed water pokemon to come out) and so on...
    That's an interesting idea...certain moves could be used at the same time to combine other moves, which could maybe be a way of teaching Pokemon certain moves. This wouldn't have to apply to all moves, of course, but...that's actually a really cool way of looking at it and can kind of fit in with Contests.

    On the terrain's note... water pokemon will have advantage over water of course (bonus 10% to all stats?), fire being able to prevent opponents from switching when they're on grass (burned grass creates...uh...a ring of fire? XD), and rock types being advantageous on a higher elevation (yeah, they probably should add elevation-based battles. Put an auto-lock feature so that players won't have a hard time targeting). Ice pokemon have no downside on ice, Bugs are stronger in forests, birds couldn't fly much in forests/caves... etc. Sound-type attacks could also be more effective inside isolated places, like caves and ghosts have an automatic 50% evasion (i don't recall them having evasion moves anyway... aside from maybe Double Team) when fighting against them in dark areas (psychic pokemon ignore that evasion bonus, i suppose).
    That's a great idea as well: type advantages in specific terrains. Yet maybe for Pokemon that aren't necessarily of that specific type, but know a move of the type, can get the advantage as well. (ie. Linoone using Surf gets a 10% boost on it's attack). But let's get a good list here:

    Normal: Doesn't get any
    Grass: Plains (most grassy routes)
    Fire/Dragon: Volcanoes or any generally heated or humid place
    Water: Lakes, seas, anywhere underwater, and when it's raining?
    Electric/Steel: Laboratories and Plants?
    Ice: Snowy areas and icy caves
    Fighting: General buildings?
    Poison/Bug: Forests
    Ground/Rock/Steel: Caves and mountains
    Flying/Dragon/Fairy(?): Skies or otherwise elevated areas
    Psychic: No clue
    Dark/Ghost: Any time during the night (assuming there's a time system) and/or in areas requiring flash?
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