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Originally Posted by PinkSapphire View Post
True Epicness- I'd like it if you could give your character a real name AND a last name buttt... since it seems you want to keep it secret because of your character: never mind.

I'd also like it if you could give your character a country to live... No one in-game can see where you live anyway.

The rest seems acceptable.
Heheh, Turnip he is, Turnip he shall always be! I don't think his character would be quite the same if he had a real name. Unless it was something worse than just Turnip, like Domp Gubbins or something. I hope no-one called Domp Gubbins reads this.

And yeah, I did say that people generally assumed he's British English, but it might have been a little unclear whether he was or not. I've made it a little clearer - he's basically English.

Yup, "acceptable" is good enough for me! :D
Turnips shall rise.

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