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I think if I lost any more weight people would be concerned, but I am definitely not firm either. :c So I'm trying to lose fat and gain muscle because I don't want to be ridiculed, and I do have a couple problem-spots (upper arms, upper thighs, the usual for girls.) Thanks for the advice though :3 It is good motivation.
Also I found this!

Anyways, I did an hour at the gym yesterday and another hour of pilates to strengthen my core and posture~ Was good .o. my butt hurts a bit today though!

What I ate today:

2 small slices of toast (gluten free)
hamburger over some lettuce (no bun, but a sprinkle of parmesan and 2 cherry-tomatoes)
some nuts and raisins (1 handful)
packet of crisps (baked, wholemeal with oats.. hadn't had crisps in over 2 years lol..)
miso soup (made with organic brown miso-paste, not with a packet)
2 ryvita crackers with nutella and topped with some linseed for fibre
another peice of toast
and 1/3 a can of chickpeas with a tablespoon of salsa
and a carrot
and a small apple

I had also some dried banana chips (like 5), 2 chocolate-mini-eggs, and a yogurt covered brazil nut because I wanted something sweet.

.. Why am I so hungry still!!! :c..
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