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    Part The First.
    New York City! *untz, untz, untz, untz*
    Theme: I Will Survive & Survivor Mashup - Glee Cast & People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson

    ”Have you had anything strange happen to you?” Natalie asked. Nick and Natalie picked up their order a few minutes ago and now they were sitting by the window in those oddly comfy chairs, eating their bearclaws.

    “Not really,” he replied as he finished his bearclaw with a loud much, “I guess I’m just that awesome.”

    “Really? Nothing out of the ordinary?” Natalie asked, again. She was beginning to sound like a broken record.

    “Is it really that surprising that phones don’t hate me?” He too couldn’t stray away from Nat’s phone incidents.

    “When did I ever ask you just about phones? I am pretty sure my question didn’t pertain to only them.” Natalie paused, “It could be anything. Maybe in the past month?”

    Hey Nick! Nick! Niiiiiiiick!



    “Definitely not.” He ended as he stretched himself in his chair.

    Pupumon commands your attention, human! ...Please?

    “Fine nothing strange has happened to you at all then,” Natalie sighed. Just like talking to a rock.

    “But I’ll let you know if anything happens,” He ended with a slight wink from his left eye. Seriously? What am I then?!

    “That seriously sounded like a pick-”

    “I’m a Survivor, I will not give up! --”

    Natalie let out a tired sigh, her phone again. She had forgotten to check the time and her plan to shove her phone into his hands to make him look like an indecent psycho failed. Well, at least whoever thought it was fun to text flood her with text and songs, tapped into her love of Glee and sent her the mashup version of “I Will Survive” and “Survivor”.

    Then she remembered yesterday and how her phone played “I Will Survive” for two hours straight. She groaned, no matter how much she loved Glee, two hours was just way too much.

    “Those trolls have some curious tastes...” Nikk said between laugh as he payed attention to the song. Glee. That’s a thing now, isn’t it?

    I think it sucks

    “I think it sucks.” Nick suddenly shuddered. He suddenly felt the weirdest Deja Vu ever. As if someone had shared his hatred towards Glee for just a second. But then again, a lot of people hate Glee...

    “Please shut up. I actually like this song,” Natalie sighed, banging her head once, “But this’ll play for two hours. Two hours I tell you.”

    Credits: Deviantart & Watteblume (also from Deviantart.)
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