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    June 13, 2013

    I had four more of my Pokémon sent to me in the morning: Electabuzz, Sunflora, Koffing, and Skitty.

    I did a bunch of training against the wild Pokémon in the Strange House outside Reversal Mountain. Later in the evening while I was there, my egg hatched into a Shuppet!

    “Shuppet, the Puppet Pokémon. Shuppet feed on the dark emotions of sadness and hatred, which make them grow steadily stronger. They love these vengeful emotions and hang in rows under the eaves of houses where vengeful people live.”

    240. Shuppet

    I finally returned to Undella Town. At the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy said I had a message from Professor Juniper. I returned her call, and she said she wanted to study to Jellicent that appear in Undella Bay. She said that on Mondays, male Jellicent can be seen just off the shore, and on Thursdays, female Jellicents can be seen. Since it’s Thursday, I went out to the bay and saw the large, pink head of a Jellicent bobbing in the water. I sent out my Electabuzz to weaken it with Thunderpunch, and then tossed a Poké Ball, but it knocked it away. I tried another Poké Ball, but it immediately broke out of it. I figured I should try a Net Ball… and it worked! I caught the Jellicent. I scanned it with my Pokédex. Apparently this Jellicent has the special ability Damp, unlike most Jellicent. I sent returned to the Pokémon Center and transferred it to Professor Juniper.

    June 14, 2013

    Dream World: Bouffalant. Found: Gulpin that knows Giga Drain; female Lotad with the ability Own Tempo. Finding Gulpin leave just five more Pokémon to find in the Dream Park!

    June 15, 2013

    It’s such a beautiful mild summer day out! I was just taking in the nice warm sun outside the Pokémon Center. My Sunflora also seemed especially happy about the weather. I started with some early morning training with my new Shuppet. I had it battle wild Pokémon in various areas and did a sweep of the Hidden Grottos as I went. In the Hidden Grotto in Lostlorn Forest, we found and caught another Combee; unfortunately, it was male like the last one, so it can’t evolve into a Vespiquen.

    Back in Undella Bay, I was doing some more training, and my Koffing evolved into Weezing!

    “Weezing, the Poison Gas Pokémon, and the evolved form of Koffing. Weezing grow by feeding on gases released by garbage. Inhaling these toxic fumes and mixing them inside their bodies let them spread an even fouler stench.”

    241. Weezing

    I then battled a few trainers in the bay, and one of them had a little Mantyke that he used to battle me.

    “Mantyke, the Kite Pokémon. Mantyke often swim in schools of Remoraid. The patterns on their backs vary by region. People organize tours to see these Pokémon frolic and skim the tops of waves.”

    As I explored more of Undella Bay, I found a cave opening hidden among some rocks. Inside the cave, I saw a trainer training his three Roggenrola. I was just going to turn around and leave him be when I saw a Pokémon out of the corner of my eye. Is that a Seel? It is! I definitely haven’t seen one of those in a while!

    “Seel, the Sea Lion Pokémon. Seel joyfully swim around oceans so cold that they are filled with floating ice. As they swim, they use the point on their heads to break up this ice. The colder it gets, the better they feel.”

    I decided I wanted to catch one, so I stuck around in the cave. It took me quite a long time, but the wild Tynamo, Golduck, Boldore, and Woobat made for some good training for the rest of my Pokémon. I finally found one, and after a few attempts with a Poké Ball, I caught it!

    242. Seel

    I returned to the Pokémon Center to send the Poké Ball to storage as I already had six Pokémon with me. I then went back out to Undella Bay to do some more exploring. I came across a wild Mantyke! I threw Poké Ball after Poké Ball, but the little tyke just wouldn’t stay in the ball! It was weakening itself by repeatedly using Take Down. Despite that, several more Poké Balls still didn’t get the job done. Then I had an idea. I sent out Electabuzz, and had it stand there and just take the Take Down attacks. Eventually, the effect I was after happened… Mantyke was paralyzed by Electabuzz’s ability of Static! Now, sufficiently weakened from recoil damage and paralyzed, I finally managed to catch it!

    243. Mantyke

    After sending it off to storage, I did a lot more training with my current team, and then had them treated by Nurse Joy before sending them off to Professor Juniper for a well-deserved rest

    Dream World 2: Baltoy, gained a level. Found: a female Elgyem with the ability Analytic.

    June 16, 2013

    I had Professor Juniper send me the Seel and Mantyke I caught yesterday, as well as my Espeon, Umbeon, and Drifblim.

    I went out to Undella Bay hoping to find a Remoraid. I’ve only seen Remoraid once on the first day I came to Undella Bay a few months ago. I spent over 2 hours swimming around in the bay, but not a single Remoraid could be found. I did, however, find some Wailmer in the deeper parts, and I managed to catch one!

    “Wailmer, the Ball Whale Pokémon. Wailmer eat one ton of food every day. They play by shooting stored seawater out of their blowholes with great force. On sunny days, they land on beaches to bounce like a ball and play.”

    244. Wailmer

    Later that evening, I decided to give one more attempt at finding a Remoraid, and I did manage to finally find and catch one!

    245. Remoraid
    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 149 Seen 168
    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 83 Seen 89
    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 99
    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 66 Seen 75