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Originally Posted by tabor62 View Post
Well, seeing as how I can't use Shaymin as my first partner any more >.< Can I use a Shiny Espeon? or is shiny not allowed? I'll take a normal one if that's the case.

永劫 the (Shiny) Espeon

Originally Posted by Mokoko View Post
Aw, this club is looking uber cute! I'd like to join, please! I think joining a club will get me motivated to post more!

Name: Mokoko.
Two cute Pokemon: Smeargle and Whimsicott.
Partner Pokemon: Winslow the Smeargle (like Winslow Homer, the artist).

Why did I join this club?

Well, first of all, I love cute Pokemon! :3 I had trouble picking my partner because there are so many cuties from each generation! I know some people may not think that Smeargle is very cute, but I do! I mean, it's like a dog wearing a little beret! That's adorable!

Hee hee, so cutesy!
AEFSADFGaerrgaerAert! *squeeeeee!* ♥ omg that smeargle is sooooooo adorbs~! n.n
Back when name changes were in vogue, I used to have the username "Paint Me Pretty, Smeargle" :3
So I definitely agree~ Smeargle is wayyy cute~
Added~ And I'm saving that pic. Gosh it's just so darn cute!

Do you think any cute Pokemon try to use their cuteness to their advantage?
OMG YES! Some do! Like Emolga in the anime is fond of this. Methinks Pachirisu also likes to do it too, but he's a little more sly about it and doesn't put it on as much.
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