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I'mma going drop in and (try) to help with the toning diet question.

First up: Diet is 80% of what will get you (healthy) toned imo.

(I'm going to use the paelo diet as an example of what may help. Lots of controversy about it and I personally don't use it cause I think its stupid but a lot of crossfitters do and they are very ripped individuals a large majority of the time.)

The "contemporary" Paleolithic diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. (Taken from wikipedia cause lazy.)

My opinion on what I think would work:

What you want to do is drop out pretty much anything in your diet that is overally processed or refined, pretty much anything that you buy in packages :O It's good for your health, lowers the amount of rubbish you produce and thus is better for the environment! Isn't that fantastic!

Second, stop eating bread (this is just my personal choice), bread is baddddd and bloats and all awful things that I prefer not to think about. I can almost guarantee if you completely drop bread from your diet you'll lose weight and tone up.

Just don't eat junk food very often at all, like once a week is fine but if you're having a packet of chips (crisps) a day plus say a cookie or something similar it's not going to help you at all.

Eat fruit if you get hungry and want to snack, like apples and banana's cause everyone likes apples and banana's.

Diary stuff is fine imo, just don't have heaps. For example all the diary in my diet is yogurt that I have with muesli for breakfast and 350ml of milk I have in my protein shakes after my work outs.

Eat veggies, a lot, they are really good for you and don't taste that bad at all (apparently frozen veggies are just as good as fresh ones and are about 5 times cheaper.)

Meat wise, fish is great for you (my favourite is salmon), chicken breast is the leanest chicken cut (Im pretty sure) and is a great source of protein and such. For red meats try and get the cuts with the least amount of fat on them or just cut the fat off before you cook it (I can't remember which is the best cut but I generally just get the cheapest and cut the fat off.)

Don't use much oil/sauces/dressings/addings that a similar in your foods, they aren't really that great for you but you do need them to be healthy. Saturated fats and trans fats are bad for you because they raise your cholesterol and increase your risk for heart disease. But monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are good for you, lowering cholesterol and reducing your risk of heart disease. (This website has a lot on what fats/oils are good and what fats/oils are badddd:

Also salads are really good, people may call it rabbit food but rabbits barely have any fat on their bodies so they must be doing something right!

Lots of debate on how much you should eat and how often etc etc, but just eat whenever you're hungry as long as thats not a large meal every 2 hours and you should be fine. Just don't over eat, moderation is the key.


For workouts its simple. More reps lower weight. If you do a lot of reps with a light weight you'll get toned rather than put on a heap of muscle etc etc. Cardio is also decent for toning, interval training is pretty decent thing to look into cardio wise.

If there is anything else or you need some clarification just say and Ill do my best to help you out.