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    If we're at a decent level of friendship and you're cool with it I will be up on you all the time. I love having physical contact with people. Not in a sexy way, just in a companionship way. That people like and trust me enough to let me drag them around, lay on them, hug-cuddle them out of nowhere, push them around, play with their hands, put my hands on their waist and move them aside instead of saying "'scuse me"- I love that. I love that my friends like that sort of contact and that some who initially didn't like it eventually became comfortable enough to at least indulge me.

    With people I don't know as well but am becoming friends with, it usually will be me that initiates physical contact. Poking, casual hugs, messing with hair, playing with hands. If people shy away from it I'll leave them be until we know each other better and they're more comfortable with it. Tbh though- and I know this is weird after just saying that- I get a little nervous if someone else initiates contact. What are their reasons for touching me? What do they want from me? If we're friends I just accept it mostly but it's still weird for me not to initiate that kind of behaviour.

    Strangers do not touch me oh my god just get away I want to have a bubble extending at least a foot from me at all times augh. Most people are fairly polite about it here- I have to take public transport a lot and this is the kind of place where everyone keeps a row or seat in between each other until not possible. And if you have to sit immediately next to someone then you try your hardest not to touch them in any way because that's impolite. Except sometimes you get crazies on like the drunk evangelists who plop down in the middle of a group and start preaching. Or that one dude who like shifted close to me and was fondling my belt loops that was weird as ****.

    Er yeah anyway strangers no touchy everyone else I will drape myself on you if you let me.

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