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Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
Hello. Wondering if anyone could help with this. I've noted my disdain for referencing myself as a person, ie. as an entity possessing any sort of physical form. I'm wondering if there is in fact a term for someone who doesn't identify with their body (and not due to spirituality). Like, when I see myself in a reflection or photograph it scarcely connects that 'this is me'. Also, I've long had a penchant for creating characters and imagining myself as them. I would appreciate having something to call this (lack of) of self-identity, if anyone can help me there. I don't suppose this is gender or sex related but I do suppose if anyone might be familiar with this, it'll be the folks here.
Huh, this sounds a lot like me, especially lately... although I've always just assumed it was normal, considering how rarely I actually look at myself in the mirror, and how often I take on other forms within video games. I definitely do the same thing with creating characters though... whole alternate worlds and communities in fact.

Why do you think you feel that way? I typed up a bunch of existential stuff about why I feel similarly, but I'm thinking I should just let you explain it yourself. lol