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    Originally Posted by tImE View Post
    Now, onto my own map:

    Saffron City from my game Pokemon: Blaze Red.

    Saffron lies in a desert in my game, due to the fact that I find it boring Kanto was left without proper biomes, compared to the newer games.
    Revamp Silph Co., Pokémon Gym, Pokémon Dojo, PokéMart and Pokécenter door. Obviously the perspective problem applies here. The door is modelled at a more linear level, i.e, it looks how it would look if you were looking directly at it. This kind of graphics is good for 3-D orientation (R/S/E uses these kind of graphics). However, the rest of the building(and the map) are modeled more of how they would look if you were looking at them from a height, so it would give more of an "overworld" appearance. This is a typical way of styling 2-D map games (FR/LG uses these kind of graphics). Also the Pokémon Fighting dojo always has its door open, so apply necessary changes.

    Already mentioned, Silph Co. building has no shadow. Since it is a tall building, the shadow must reach at least half of the road.

    The tiles and the minor revamps depict the Saffron City elements majestically. I can only suggest to keep going and give Saffron City's basic map a little buildup. This looks really good, and I must be giving it a 10/10.

    Another problem faced in the map is the desert sand tile. It basically looks like a recoloured water wave tile and fills the small rock-tops without any details. I would like to see more details added, like sand dripping or studded on the mountain walls. One thing I must really give credit for is, the way you handled the detail tiles around the city, like the garbage bin and bicycle stand to packages and garbage bags. It seems like a Saffron City I would like to see.

    Another good point is the cactus trees, they look really nice, although can you reduce the density of the desert vegetation? A desert doesn't have too many cacti or any kind of vegetation, in fact. Also add something to top-left, looks a bit empty.

    Great job, mate.