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Thank you, Hiso! <3; I admit, though, I'm not as good with manga scans as I am with renders. They're much more difficult to work with. ;_______; The one you pointed out is probably my only manga-scan based work. So I guess I should get some leeway, you know, with it being my first tag of the kind and whatnot. :p Anyway, glad to hear you like it! :D

I don't have much when it comes to updates but I guess this'll suffice for a while. With my last update being sort of gargantuan and all, lol.

Protagonist of Gintama - Sakata Gintoki.

You know, One Piece is my fave show. But I'm obsessed with Gintama right now. This show needs to be watched by more people. It is not nearly as popular as shows like Naruto and Bleach or even One Piece, I think, and that's a damn shame. Because it is, in my eyes, an excellent show. I'd place it higher than Bleach and Naruto. JUST below OP because OP can't be dethroned from its place when it comes to my heart. :p I realize no one's gonna read this and whatever I'm writing is just unnecessary but who cares. Can't shut up when it comes to good shows like these. lol
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