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    Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
    I had an idea for a challenge, but I'm not sure if it's different enough from nuzlocke? Also opinions are always good! :D (spoilering cuz kinda big)


    The Type-locke Challenge (not really sure what to name it but this'll do!)

    Like a nuzlocke, in this challenge if a pokemon faints it is considered dead, and must be released or permanently boxed.

    Unlike a nuzlocke however, in this challenge you are limited to only 15 pokemon in Gen I, 17 pokemon in Gens II-V, and 18 pokemon in gen VI.

    For in this challenge, the player (you) can only capture one pokemon for each type. As soon as you encounter a pokemon of one type, this pokemon fills the "slot" in your type-chart, and no other pokemon of the same type can be caught. If the pokemon flees or faints, it still fills the "slot" (like in this chart for example)

    • Ex: you pick oshawott, no more water types. You encounter lillipup first on route 1 and K.O., no more normal types can be caught

    Where things get a little more interesting is with dual-types. There are two ways to play. 1) A pokemon's primary type is the only typing it can be used for, (so starly counts only as normal type) 2) a dual type pokemon can count for either of it's types, however:

    • Ex: Encounter sewaddle in pinwheel, put it down for bug type, (say you want petilil for grass) and then encounter venipede, venipede must count for poison, not as a "repeat bug"

    OR 3) a dual type fills up both slots. Just be aware that almost all flying types have their second type as flying if using rule 1!

    You can also choose to play with or without dupes clause so in the same example:

    • Ex (dupes allowed): encounter sewaddle in pinwheel, mark it down as bug. Encounter another sewaddle, must be marked down as grass
    *no replacements (if that wasn't obvious)
    As for HMs, here's a fun addition I thought of (but may just end up being confusing haha) if you need an hm slave, you can catch an additional one, but if used in battle it either a) replaces the pokemon on your team that is of the same type, or b) replaces your highest leveled pokemon (with that pokemon/type being now discontinued as if it had fainted)
    *if the hm slave is used as a meat shield same rule applies, and hm slave faints, rules above still apply

    Also,pokemon that change type upon evolving count for that type or dual type. So eevee counts for electric if evolving into jolteon (aka you can get eevee although you have rattata) Also, pokemon that change types with formes onyl count for the type they have in common (meloetta is only for psychic, and shaymin is only for grass) Castform is always normal.

    *Form change does NOT apply to wormadam

    Optional Rules:
    *No Items (or no items in battle)
    *Dupes Clause (for dual types)
    *Limited Pokemon Center Heals (1 in normal towns, 1 before gym and one after gym in gym towns)
    *No repels (recommended)
    *Starter can be ditched/wont count for type
    *Dual types count for BOTH types
    *Anything else you can think of!
    Look up the "Elimination Challenge" from 2 years ago. It was practically this, besides that you didn't necessarily have to catch the 1st of each type you encounter (Though it could be a cool optional rule)

    If i remember correctly i tore yellow apart with a Dodrio XD
    I'd replay it in a different region if someone makes a new thread for it
    On hold: Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Water: White 2 - 2/8