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    i just joined, so i hope i'm doing this right! o:

    Name - Skylar
    Age - (13 - 16) 14
    Personality - (min 5 lines) Skylar is sassy and independant, due to her living alone 3 years of her life. She can seem somewhat hostile at first, but once you gain her trust, she turns out to be somewhat of a goofball. Her quick-thinking and wittyness get her out of most tight situations. If cleverness isn't enough, Skylar has been known to sweet-talk her way out of trouble. She isn't an overall flirt, but will use her charming side to her advantage if it seems to benefit her.
    History - (10 lines min, want really interesting charectors) Skylar grew up spoiled by her grandparents in Olivine City, as her mother died whilst giving birth and she never knew her father. She lived with her grandparents until age 11, when she decided she couldn't handle the pampered life and ran away. Her journey led her to Goldenrod, where she found an abandoned apartment building's basement to live in. She gets in and out of this makeshift home by a broken window looking out into the alley. There she resides with her Pokemon: Espeon, Squirtle, Flygon, and Riolu. Her grandparents gave her an Eevee when she first came, to cope with the loss of her mother. Eevee evolved into an Espeon while on their journey to Goldenrod. Skylar's love of swimming brought her and Squirtle together, as she found him while taking a dip in a pond. Flygon was given to Skylar in Goldenrod by a trainer fearful of getting caught with the large Pokemon. Lastly, Riolu lived in the apartment's basement until Skylar came along, and decided to become a part of her team. Skylar met the man with the token in the alley behind her "home". She hopes to escape Johto to Kanto in hopes of finding her father, who is rumored to be living in the other region.
    Description (or a picture, 5 lines minimal) - Skylar is average hieght, about 5'5", and physically fit. She has medium length, wavy, dirty blonde hair and chocolate-colored eyes. She wears short black shorts and a baggy red sweatshirt. On her head is a red beanie with a white pokeball symbol on the front. She wears white, black, and red tennis shoes, as her feet tend to hurt without support. She carries with her a yellow backpack, that has a secret zipper in the bottom to hold Flygon's pokeball.


    Pkmn 1 species - Espeon
    Pkmn 1 nickname - N/A
    Pkmn 1 moveset - (4) Shadow Ball, Psychic, Psybeam, Confusion

    Pkmn 2 species - Squirtle
    Pkmn 2 nickname - N/A
    Pkmn 2 moveset - (4) Skull Bash, Bubblebeam, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail

    Pkmn 3 species - Flygon
    Pkmn 3 nickname - N/A
    Pkmn 3 moveset - (4) Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Dragon Tail, Hyper Beam

    Pkmn 4 species - Riolu
    Pkmn 4 nickname - N/A
    Pkmn 4 moveset - (4) Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Metal Claw, Force Palm