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Despite the second generation games being my favourite, I actually like Kanto a bit more than Johto. While I've always felt like the journey through Johto felt much more free, as past the fourth gym you could pretty much decide which order you wanted to beat the gyms and do the events in yourself, I've always just liked Kanto more. I guess it's pretty biased, because as always, the first generation lies close to my heart. I just like the theme of the city names, and how they've positioned things like the Pokemon League and Saffron City at such central places, where they piqued ones interest, only to make you realise that you wouldn't be able to access them yet. I liked it because in my first playthroughs, where I wasn't completely aware of how the story progressed, it just made me feel like there was so much to the game. A city blocked off, a tower which I can't get to the top of, etc., and I just loved it whenever I got to access those places. That's why the blocked off places in Silph Co. and the Kanto Radio Tower in the second generation games always were so interesting, because I felt like whenever something was blocked off, it had to be accessible at some point. Unfortunately they were not :(

But yeah, I don't really have much more to say about it, because in all reality, this choice is mainly biased because of how it was my first region to go through, and the one I've went through the most, so yeah. Kanto ftw!
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