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    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    Trick Sableye has gotten very unreliable, since you'll have a hard time crippling the right Pokémon with Lagging Tail:

    I feel that Skarmory should use Roost over one of its hazards because it keeps it healthy in the long run. If you really need both hazards, you could use the Custap Lead set:

    Flygon's defenses are mediocre, so the negative priority of Dragon Tail really hurts it. Garchomp is not only bulkier than Flygon, it's also faster and hits harder than it can:
    I used Flygon since it has Levitate, but I suppose Skarmory's Immunity to Ground is just enough, and if Garchomp has Stealth Rock I can add Roost to Skarmory over Stealth Rock. I think I want to keep Sableye as it is; I think Team Preview allows me to target the Pokemon I want to cripple. Updating the thread..