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    Weekly Pixel Art Challenge: #31 - Scratch
    Hosted by: Logiedan
    Approved by: Logiedan
    Medal System activated

    Theme: The Bittersweet & Wicked

    A new type in the Pokemon world has been announced, and that's Fairy-type! Maybe some of you have already expected this but to keep it short and sweet, this week's task is to sprite your own creation and Pokemon (colloquially called 'Fakemon') of this Fairy type. It is up to you to decide what this Fairy-type genre looks like in your own interpretation and with your own instincts. This week's palette will be a maximum of 21 to flesh out those colours and hopefully give you some or more than enough room for detail.

    Here's some points to give some basic info. of this week:
    • Yes, you can make them dual type, as long as Fairy-type is included
    • Provide information such as: name, type, description, evolutions, origin, name origin, etc.
    • Info such as weight, height, foot print, location, body colour and such is not required and not necessary but remains optional
    • Although with a 126x126 canvas, try to keep it a relative size to your design. For ex. Celebi is small, but it shouldn't have a large sprite regardless of the large canvas
    • You can make an evolution, pre-evolution or another form for an existing Pokemon as long as it has the Fairy-type

    Omits & Cases:
    In some cases and themes there will be omits.
    • No omits during this week
    Main Rules:
    • One entry per person. You may update your entry until the end of the contest.
    • You can't enter if you picked the theme.
    • All work must be made from scratch (unless the current theme states otherwise).
    • No previously made work; original designs and concepts.
    • Please specify which image is your final.
    • You must PM your entry to Logiedan. DO NOT post your entry here. Voting will be done by polls the following week.
    This Week's Rules:
    • Canvas Size: 126x126 MAX
    • Palette Requirements: 21 colours MAX
    • Transparency: Optional (WILL NOT COUNT AS A COLOUR)
    • Animation: None
    • Other: N/A
    Sunday June 30th 2013 @ 11:59 PM PST

    This thread is open for discussion of the theme and WPC in general. Good luck.