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I hate to admit it but all the spin-off games have been going downhill since generation IV. Conquest was the last good one. PMD: Gates to Infinity was awful in my opinion and I will not be buying any more games in the series unless they revert to the old ways. I prefer the hunger system, I prefer the personality test to pick your pokemon and I prefer having all the Pokemon to date to be in the game.

On to Pokemon Ranger. I think we can expect a new one, but it won't be as good as even Guardian Signs. The key factor to drive sales for the series was the ability to get event Pokemon like Manaphy. With DLC and spotpass, this is obsolete. If one is released, it is likely to be the last.

Pokemon Pinball... Please, now, I will buy it.

Pokemon Snap... Not a chance. The gimmick of being able to use a camera is lost. There is no chance it will sell as well as the original.

Trozei-Would buy, trozei was a fun game. Not sure how other people felt about it but I liked it.

Stadium Brawler-This. This is needed. Battle Revolution was great, another game like this, or like stadium would be great.

XD-Possibly, only because of fan demand and the possibility of expanding now three generations of Pokemon into Orre.

Conquest-No, only because any sequel will be a let down.

Rumble-Rumble U will include Gen VI Pokemon via update.

Pokepark-I'd prefer Pokemon Channel 2... Take that as you will.
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