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2 – Natalie Delgado
Theme for this post: “People Like Us” & “Survivor/I Will Survive”
New York City: Magnolia Bakery

Natalie sighed, as the mashup played for the third time. Nick seemed to be giving her phone the evil eye, at the moment. She didn’t blame him, she knew his dislike for Glee and having to hear a song from the show three time wasn’t pretty. Natalie was sure that Nick, given the chance, would sue her for cruel and unusual punishment.

Well, it wasn’t like that law suit would succeed anyway. Thank you freedom of expression.

"So you guys were having weird problems with electronics too? I know exactly what you're talking about. It happened to me just last night," A man’s voice said suddenly, barging into the world Nick and Natalie seemed to be in. Natalie let out a yelp of shock and out of pure impulse swung her hand to the direction of the voice.

Throughout the bakery, the sound of Natalie’s hand meeting a stranger’s cheek was heard.

Credits: Deviantart & Watteblume (also from Deviantart.)
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