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    Me and my brother were actually discussing an idea such as this yesterday and now that I've found this thread, I'll share what we thought of.

    You'll start off in Kanto (obviously) and make your way through the story as you normally would. You'll become Champion and then be informed that you can now travel to Johto. Your character makes a decision (which is automated and isn't a choice the player can make) to let Prof. Oak look after your current Pokemon as you'd like to start afresh considering you're starting your journey in a whole different region.
    You then travel to Johto and do the exact same thing. The same happens throughout all regions.

    I know this idea has been mentioned and someone (sorry, I can't remember who) said there would be no point because you could play all games separately and have the same effect. This is where my idea has a twist to it.

    Once all the regions have been completed, Ash meets you and tells you about an island where tournaments are held to determine who is the ultimate Pokemon trainer. He gives you a ticket (which would be for the S.S. Anne just for nostalgia) and says that it's a great opportunity for you and he hopes to see you there.

    Once you get there, you get to choose a final team from all of the Pokemon which have entered the Hall of Fame. You MUST pick ONE Pokemon from each region and then the 6th Pokemon in your party can be a choice of any of the other Pokemon champs regardless of region. Once you've chosen your team, you take part in the tourney. There's the qualifying round, 2 rounds, quarters, semis and then the final.

    Obviously each round will get gradually more difficult as you progress further. Each of the other participants will also have a similar team (therefore 1 from each region and the 6th as their choice of any), just to keep things fair throughout. If you lose at any point in the tournament, you can't just start it again like you can with gyms and Elite fours. You'll have to wait until the next day and then try again.
    The current ultimate champion will of course be Ash and his team will have the same basis but he will have the best of the best. He will have Pokemon with moves and abilities to combat anything. This means it will take pure skill to be able to beat him.

    One addition which I think would be good (which I've seen in the Light Platinum hack) would be a better Safari Zone in each region. Wherein, you'd be able to choose different parts of the Safari Zone to enter in order to catch different types of Pokemon. So a desert section, a ice section etc. This would actually be the ideal way to be able to catch them all because otherwise it would be difficult to spread out each regions Pokemon across the whole region. This would give leeway for a ton of Pokemon to be available but not in the open map.


    I know that it will likely never happen on a handheld console but discussions like this are great because you really get to see the creativity of how others would envisage a new Pokemon game.
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