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Hey guys! New episode aired today, Candy Streets. Any thoughts anyone?

Discuss the new episode, Candy Streets.

LSP finally gets another episode focused on her...well sort of.She's gotta be my favorite character and we haven't had one since "Gotcha!" so I like this. And it was a great episode too. So LSP gets robbed and she comes running into PB's castle announcing it to Finn and Jake. She panicking alot and after Finn and Jake try to calm here down Princess Bubblegum comes in with a large syringe with tranquilizer in it. She tries to explain who it was that stole from her, but she faints before can and and can only mutter "Pete sa---". After that Finn and Jake go to investigate. The only clue they have is a key that leads to room 303 in a hotel. What was really funny was Jake pretending to be a cop and turning into all these cop related things like a badge, binoculars, police car, handcuffs. Just typical cop stuff. XD Turns out the guy who robbed her was the pizza delivery guy at Pizza Sassy and not Pete Sassafras as Finn and Jake originally thought. And it seems what was "stolen" from the pizza delivery guy was LSP's "heart". Just a typical thing LSP would do , but that's what makes it funny.

Anyway, it seems Season 5 is coming to an end. There's next weeks episode, Wizards Only , Fools and then there's apparently an one-hour special, but it's not known when that's gonna air and been put off so next episode could be it. This makes me sad cause I loved Season 5 a lot. Hopefully Season 6 is as good or even better.
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