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Adrian Fitzgerald

Two Worlds collide
Suddenly the bakery was not only getting a little crowded but it also started to get too loud for Adrian’s taste. He may not have a problem with noise or even being around lots of people but when they aren’t his friends and are just a bunch of random strangers it was different. Certain words did catch his attention though and even reminded Adrian of some troubles he’d been having as well, but just like that day he simply laughed and played it off as random malfunctions. Things took a hilarious turn though, when the man got slapped and Adrian's laughter exploded throughout the bakery.

It wasn't boisterous but it was loud enough to be heard around the bakery, and Adrian took that as his signal to leave, it was a good laugh though. Adrian rushed a bit to finish his pastry, wiped his hands and was out the door and away from all the noise, still laughing a bit by the fact that the guy got slapped.

The busy streets just didn’t seem as busy as usual, maybe it was Adrian’s imagination or something was going on either way Adrian took it on face value. He saw it as a nice day to walk without bumping into anyone so he could at least be happy about that if anything else. His mind went back a little, thinking of the conversation he had overheard in the bakery earlier.

“It’s not weird for people to have phone troubles”

“Their electronics, sometimes they malfunction simple as that” This wasn’t a regular Adrian on Adrian conversation, what should have been him reinforcing the fact that it was just malfunctions turned into what seemed like trying to convince himself instead.

It just kept getting weird from there; Adrian now looked like he was moving through different stages and had just reach denial. Yes…denial “Maybe I just saw wrong…” Adrian was deny something that up until 10mins ago he was sure had happened. Up until hearing about other malfunctions in person, Adrian had joked of it being a terrorist act but now

“Maybe I’m being targeted by the government”

“I just had to piss of Mrs. Donaldson, ahhhh, she must have some FBI ties or something” Adrian couldn’t even tell if he was serious or not. “Accusing the lady down the hall, come on man she’s 97 years old!”

The Adrian was just walking down the street moving from joking about the whole thing to wondering what it could all mean. Even with everything he was saying in the back of his mind Adrian thought that this was just going to be another funny story that with a few tweaks, could end up being hilarious…

“Oh Mrs. Donaldson you sly bit…”


“Where is that person?”

“Uuuuugh, why can’t I find it?”

“The source, I just want to be…….” The voice sounded as if it was growing more and more frustrated, sneaking from alleyway to alleyway not wanted to be seen until the right time……or right person had emerged. Until then the unknown figure was forced to wonder around the daytime shadows like some criminal searching for its victim. Its purpose? Unknown, but the search was serious and nothing would stop him from finding the target.

By the looks of it, the flashing object was leading the way.

“I just want the pow…”

The moment they first met



Like being hit by a car, Adrian found himself flat on the ground with what appeared to be a small lion on hind legs standing over him. At a loss for words all Adrian could do was stare at this creature..
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