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    Thank you, Atomic Reactor, for this wonderful free game!

    The graphics are gorgeous.

    I like that you are including some fakemon, but only a few. That's how I like it, personally.

    I also was pleased to find that the gym battles were quite challenging (maybe I should have grinded more!), and I like that you can re-battle the last gym leader after you defeat the next one.

    I've noticed a lot of little easter eggs, hidden items, and secrets hidden all over the world, which is always nice to have.

    The miniboss battles with Pokémon on the overworld are pretty cool. I especially liked the scene where you encounter Marowak.

    I love that the game has a day/night system. I don't know why Gamefreak stopped doing that after Gen2.

    I do have some criticisms, though:

    Some sound effects seem to be missing, such as the sound for having your Pokémon be healed by a nurse. Also, the battle music doesn't loop correctly. The song has a little introduction bit that plays when the enemy appears, and then is only supposed to loop after that part is over. In this demo, the music intro loops as well, which I am sure is not supposed to happen.

    Most importantly, add a way to walk around Nidopoint woods after we've already cleared it. It's long, mazelike, and there is a random encounter every few seconds. Given the amount of backtracking this game encourages you to do, there needs to be a shortcut so as to not have to go back through those woods over and over.

    Originally Posted by Gunivar View Post
    Seems like good work, but the selection of Pokemon does seem a bit limited.
    It is only a demo'.