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No, I don't get excited over people like that based on just their looks. Sure I can think someone looks attractive, but I don't go crazy and go all "OH MAN HE'S SO HOT" like other friends I know. Actually.. my cousins would do that a lot when we were on vacation and I couldn't decide if my standards were just too high.. or if theirs were just insanely low cause they seemed to do it over every other guy who had his shirt off. (Note.. this was basically everyone because we went on vacation to a beach.) Back when I would have crushes, and they'd say something nice or whatever, I'd feel all filled up and happy inside. But if someone I don't know smiles and waves, I don't think anything of it, really.

So while I've definitely had "attraction at first sight" but I'm not too affected by it until I get to know them first.
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