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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
What I ate today:

2 small slices of toast (gluten free)
hamburger over some lettuce (no bun, but a sprinkle of parmesan and 2 cherry-tomatoes)
some nuts and raisins (1 handful)
packet of crisps (baked, wholemeal with oats.. hadn't had crisps in over 2 years lol..)
miso soup (made with organic brown miso-paste, not with a packet)
2 ryvita crackers with nutella and topped with some linseed for fibre
another peice of toast
and 1/3 a can of chickpeas with a tablespoon of salsa
and a carrot
and a small apple

I had also some dried banana chips (like 5), 2 chocolate-mini-eggs, and a yogurt covered brazil nut because I wanted something sweet.

.. Why am I so hungry still!!! :c..
Not enough meat. Unimpressed. AND WHY ARE YOU SAYING CRISPS YOU CANADIAN. Very unimpressed.

I put your food through my myfitnesspal account and it comes to just under 1300 calories. Given your metrics I did a quick BMR calculator and it comes to 1200. You did 2 hours of exercise, which I'll ballpark to around 400 calories (300 - 500 maybe?)

Given my calculations, you might be eating too little, which would explain the hunger. My nutrition estimate may be conservative, but it still places you around maintaining your BMR. The fact that you worked out 2 hours means that you should eat a little more to compensate for that. Your BMI is at 19.5, which to me speaks that your gains will be lower and slower no matter what you do. You've already achieved a lot, and as you approach your goals it'll be an uphill battle. I don't mean any discouragement though, it happens to everybody. I'm still at 23 and I just gained 2 pounds over the weekend (couldn't resist good Szechuan food gahh. Do they have good Szechuan in the UK?).

Now as for your nutrition, you seem to get a lot of your calories from fats - especially the nuts and raisins. Fibre can make you feel a bit more full and fatty foods, from my experience, don't have a lot of it. You could cut your handful of nuts and raisins with a bit of all-bran cereal. 72 grams of that stuff will get you all of the fibre you need in a day. To put this perspective, a 100 grams of cooked rice is about the size of your fist (okay maybe a bit bigger if you have small hands). And obviously you won't be getting all of your fibre from cereal. Since you're interested in building muscle, how about adding some low-fat yogurt into your diet? It'll come with a bit of protein, and you can mix your fruits with it to make a fruit salad. The sweetness of the fruit will take away some of the sour of the yogurt. You can also add all-bran to it for some crunch and fibre.

Personally, I'm not really a fan of miso soup (unless it's fresh I suppose and I probably have never had it fresh) cuz of its high sodium content. The salsa comes under this concern too (unless it's low sodium). You're exercising though, so you need your electrolytes and I guess eating more sodium than usual isn't as bad. But you need your potassium too - in greater amounts than sodium, actually - and I'd recommend a banana for that. Goes well with the fruit salad, too.

But yes if tl;dr, you could add a bit of protein and take a bit of fats from your diet. Fibre will help with hunger, but that might come with a bit of carb, which you don't need to say no to (at least not to large amounts). And you should eat more than your off-day because of exercise. It might slow down your gains, but you're nearing your peak, and at least you won't feel unnecessarily hungry anymore.