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I'm a fairly religious person, I'd say. Catholic, if anyone's interested; and yeah I pray fairly regularly. Usually just for other people in bad places, things I want to change in my life, to show thanks for... something, etc. A lot of situations.

I wouldn't really say I expect an answer but it's really nice for me to feel like I'm being heard at the very least. And if I'm really not being heard? I don't see any issue with the comfort I've taken in the belief that I have been. It's also not like I'm gonna rely on someone to solve my problems for me; that'd be kinda dumb and pretty generally unhelpful and honestly I don't think many people who do actually pray believe that doing so will solve their problems despite the huge misconceptions that it seems a lot of people these days hold.

Also, heh. The first time I wrote this post out I had a big-ass semi-rant about a lot of the misconceptions I see non-religious people holding on religious people and how damaging and inaccurate they are, but I didn't wanna turn this into a debate thread. d:
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