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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
honestly I don't think many people who do actually pray believe that doing so will solve their problems despite the huge misconceptions that it seems a lot of people these days hold.

Also, heh. The first time I wrote this post out I had a big-ass semi-rant about a lot of the misconceptions I see non-religious people holding on religious people and how damaging and inaccurate they are, but I didn't wanna turn this into a debate thread. d:
Well true,we don't pray to wait for our problems to solve..we pray to be strong enough to handle our problems,face it and solve it! ...hard times however they're hard but it makes strong expert of life.

strange how people think religion is something to be ashamed of...i've tried life away from god and life with God so i tried both....and i can say pretty much that religion plays a great part in life and believing makes me stronger
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