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    Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes

    The girl's first reaction to Rhodey's comments was an unpleasant one. She wound up her hand and gave Rhodey an embarrassingly loud smack across his face. It was mortifying for the young rockstar-to-be. He had a show tonight and now his face had a chance to be swollen. To make matters worse he even heard someone laughing at him.

    "What the," he began while massaging his face. "That was uncalled for and painful."

    The whole concept of why she smacked him was still a mystery. He had no idea that he was acting a bit creepy, though to be fair, it was unusual for anybody to smack Rhodey. Most people just thought he was too... what was the word, ah yes, adorable. Well, his fans did at least, doesn't that count for something? Apparently not it would seem. It dawned on him after a little bit that this whole mess could have been his fault entirely. He didn't really want to apologize, at least, not with words. Pulling out his wallet, he rummaged through to find two passes for his band. They were intended for last night, but it was the same venue and the passes weren't for the show, instead they were for his band's friends to come to any show sponsoring them. Immediately, he began to apologize.

    "Okay, so maybe that was a bit too sudden, I'm sorry. And this may seem sudden as well, but would these," he held the passes in front of himself. "a couple of VIP passes to a concert tonight make up for it?"
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