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    Hello there

    I too am a visually impaired
    gamer,and must say I am quite excited to see such a project in development.
    As brad pointed out, there is a website audiogames which has audio games blind gamers can play,and active forums where all things related to gameing are discussed. Just google it,beeing a new user and all,not allowed to post links.
    I gave the demo a go yesterday,my yesterday anyway. :p And it was quite awesome!
    I would like to test this in any case,and would be happy to offer suggestions as and when they are needed.
    The game works quite well after installing sapi4,however if it can be done,I would suggest using sapi5 engine instead. as it comes installed with most windows OS's 7 and such.
    That said, there were a few bugs that I found while playing. when my bulbasaur fainted,I did switch to a new pokemon,however when I encountered a wilde pokemon after defeating the other one, it said go,0 and such. in miost dialogs it started calling bulbasaur as 0. like 0 fainted and so on.
    as for your visually impaired testers not beeing able to see the error dialogs? there is a easy fix, don't know how much work would that be,though. you could have the game create a error log and have the contents of the error dialogs pasted in the log. and then your testers could just forward the log to you.
    I will be eagerly looking forward to talking to you and any further development on this!
    Falcon wings.
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