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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    You clearly took my post personally, also you didn't understand my statement so let me clarify..

    There are more pressing issues than same sex marriage.. Its selfish, people are more concerned about themselves and what they want, to be concerned with the big picture. There are a tons of gays out there who want to marry, there also tons who don't even have a partner. You assume that legalizing same sex marriage would somehow improve the economy. That is a bold assumption based on what you believe, not fact. It could help just a bit but not as much as you seem to think. Anyways I said my piece I wont be replying again...
    You're right, wanting equal rights is a selfish thing, and I think ensuring equality for all should be the top concern of any body, yes, even above economic interests. If even one segment of the population does not enjoy equal rights, it negatively affects the economy. You're of the mistaken assumption that gay marriage has no affect on the economy. You assume that I'm making an assumption, but you would be wrong. I've read enough reports by economists on this very matter all of whom say that granting equal rights to gays and lesbians would put much needed dollars into the economy.

    As you accurately point out, there are lots of people who are gay who wish to get married. I submit there are millions of couples in the US alone who wish to be married. Imagine the amount of money they could put into the economy if they were permitted to marry. Imagine how much they would contribute to the local community's economy especially.

    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    I never said the country isn't doing better but were decades away from being in the clear and any day it could just as easily get worse.. Its amazing how people always assume the worst cannot happen when infact it can happen at any time and the natural disasters this year has cost the US billion of dollars(another thing I'd consider more important than same sex marriage) on top of the money we already don't have, and who know what will happen to costs us more the year isn't over yet.. but anyways im off topic.. so I'm done
    As I mentioned earlier, I view making sure all peoples have equal right more important than any other consideration.
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