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    Originally Posted by jozo View Post
    thanks for answering 1158...yeah i know that i need just keep pressing B..just want to ask you...can you tell me which are all dragon type pokemon in this game?? i just love dragons..

    and want to tell you thanks for this game for me its awesome and im not worry about some glitches..keep it up! if you decide to make another hack im your supporter :D
    You can get a Axew/Gible at the beginning, Bagon can be found on Jade Volcano, Dratini can be found in Halfleaf Cave, you can evolve Swablu into Altaria at Lv36, and Swablu can be found in Snowy Path. you can get Gible/Axew in Golden Temple after the event on Mt.Skywall. You can find Reshiram/Zekrom on the top of Jade Volcano after that event, too. Kyurem can also be found after this event in Mt.Snowy, Giratina will appear in Cherry Villa after the event in Orange Villa.

    Originally Posted by mannen588 View Post
    Where do i find Shelmet? really wanna know <3
    Shelmet can be found in Marble Grassland and Rumors Forest.

    Originally Posted by miczster View Post
    I tried reading but can't find so I'll many pokemons in total and does this hack contain physical/special split??? THX n AdV !!!
    About 386 Pokemon are available currently, and this hack contains physical/special split.

    Originally Posted by BLACK0UT View Post
    OK i have searched the whole thread and looked on google for a long time and i still cant find out where hm 8 dive is.

    Where is H.M. 08 Dive?
    You'll receive HM08 from Lumiere after you finished the event in Mirage Base, if you finished the event there and fly away from there right away, you need to go back to start this small event.

    Originally Posted by StaubAig View Post
    I know that you got this question probably more than 1.000.000 times but could you please create a list of the pokémons that evolve normaly instead of trade-evolve? It would be extremely helpful for me and maybe other persons AND you don't not need to anwser all these "does ... evolve in this hack" question! Sorry if I bothered you with this comment and sorry for my english.
    I think I should make one, but I'm still busy on working on another project, so I can't make one yet, sorry.
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