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YAY! Well, I am here to advertise not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR CLUBS that I own!

So, if you are living in a Teenage Dream or more of a California Gurl, whether you kissed a girl and you liked it, You are still Part of Me, and that makes me sooo Wide Awake. Yes, so if you are Katy Perry Fan, you can join....

Katycats Unite! ✿ The Katy Perry Fan Club!

If you love annoying a squid, work at a mediocre fast food chain, flipping patties, plot evil plots to steal said patty formula and ultimately fail, defy the laws of physics, then you should join...

☆ I'm Ready! ☆ The Spongebob Squarepants Fan Club ☆!

If you are a Filipino, whether half or full, black or white, or anything really, IF YOU ARE A FILIPINO AND YOU ARE PROUD, then you should join...

It's More Fun In The Philippines Filipino Club

AND FINALLY, if you want to chat about this year's GT, mod promotions, new forum changes, staff and nenbers antics, and literally anything about PokeCommunity, you can join...

~ We're Still Working On A Better Club ~ The PC Fan Club ~

@AWsquared: You can make an emblem if it has 125 posts and are 3 months old...

Speaking of emblems, I might be making one for the Filipino Club since it is already eligible for emblems.