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    I agree with you that I could've had more meat that day, though I did get my protien through the nuts and chickpeas too (chickpeas being high in fibre.) But I probably should've gone out to get more eggs or something and had one of those too.

    I disagree with you on the fact that I'm not eating enough though, as I said that I went to the gym the day before, and I ate more the day before to make up for it. I didn't do anything the day that I posted that food dairy but sit on my butt and washed dishes at one point, so seeing that my intake was more than my sedentary daily intake, I actually am ok that day. I know I was still having a bit of muscle afterburn, but this coming weekend I will be eating out more than once. I'm endomorphic and I gain weight very easily.

    I agree with you that my fat-intake could be lower, but in all fairness, during the week day, my breakfast consists of greek yogurt (or a soya pudding.. both which have a fair amount of protein) over bran cereal (no milk.)

    As I said earlier, the miso soup was made from organic miso-paste.. which pretty much contains mashed soybeans and no added salt. I didn't add any salt myself, either. The only thing I added was 1/4 of a sheet of seaweed paper for flavor.

    What I sometimes do is take in 1000cals one day, the next I will take in 1500, the next 1200, 1300, 1000, etc. I will make it fluxuate so my body doesn't get too used to the same amount.

    TL;DR, I agree with more protein, less carb/fat, thanks for the tip. I'll go out and grab some yogurt for my fridge to have on the weekends, too! I got some special K red berries the other day, too!

    *nomming on banana as we speak* >:3

    Edit: What I had today so far:

    Unsweetened cheerios (the plain ones) with almond milk
    A soya pudding
    2 yogurt covered brazil nuts
    a banana
    hearty chicken soup
    greek yogurt
    Scrambled eggs with mushroom, chick peas, and topped with ham and flax seeds
    5 cashews

    Will probably grab some carrots in a bit here. Not sure yet what I will have for second-dinner.. ;_; I forgot to buy lettuce today!
    So I might steam some broccoli and drizzle a bit of honey mustard over it :3

    Haha I know they're fatty but I like my nuts >:3
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