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Originally Posted by Gym Leader Rozu View Post
I'm glad I got so many posts on this thread! :D

I get butterflies a lot. Like at Josh Hutchedson sometimes, maaaaaan, he can make me blush and scream!!! xD

Haha! Sounds funny! No one I liked in the street talked to me or nothin', I've only gotten as far as a wave or brushing against them. But I am usually wearing a long-sleeved turtle neck so I can't feel them. xD

Note to Self: Wear singlet, even in winter, haha.
No, you don't need to freeze to death to make contact, unless you want guys offering you their jackets Use your eyes! :D As a girl it's not being perverted to look at members of the opposite sex. Ahem. Yup. And obviously if you see someone that interests you try and do something that makes remain fairly stationary, i.e looking at a shop window, sipping a coffee, it'll give that person more time to get over their initial hesitation and talk to you if they're brave enough, rather than brushing past, it's weird to chase after someone so a guy would rather live with the regret than looking creepy. Wait, what, am I being a love guru? Oh no, this does not fit my qualifications, I am so out :D
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