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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    so now people are saying being gay is the same as being black(African American)? Really? WTH is going on with the planet..
    Yes and no. Obviously being black is different from being gay, although some are both, because what ethnicity you are has no bearing on who you are attracted to. However, "race" is the same as sexual orientation, in that it is a born trait (and don't give me the "it's never been proven that people are born gay" argument. Enough evidence has accrued to prove that assertion false. People do not choose their sexual orientation). What the hell is going on with the planet is that people are rejecting discrimination. That's what. If that's a problem for you, oh well.

    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    No one seemed to care when we came here and took everything from the Natives(American Indians)..
    Also, during the time it was accepted, hardly any one complained that blacks were a subjugated people, or that women could not vote, or that gay people can be fired or evicted from their homes for being gay.... oh wait, gay people still can. my bad.

    The point is, when people DO care, change happens for the betterment of all people.

    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    Again you are arguing this like gays don't basically get every freedom any other american gets day to day.. The only thing a gay cannot do is marry, which like i said above does not in anyways stop them from living a full and glamorous life... You cannot argue this like its oppressing them because frankly it is not, blacks were oppressed, women were oppressed, gays are not.. Hell they are even allowed in the military. Everything I stated in this is MY OPINION agree with it or not it is mine to have.. I have nothing against gays, im not one of those people who think gays marrying is somehow ruining the tradition of marriage, besides that was ruined along time ago. Idc if two gays get married, like i said marriage means very little to me. I'm just saying there are more important issues than two people of the same sex being allowed to marry.
    We are still being murdered for being who we are and loving someone of the same sex. We are being evicted from our homes and fired from our jobs because we are gay. We are denied on a regular basis public accommodations because we are gay. Anti-gay hate crimes are rising exponentially in the U.S. because people like you don't think our concerns should be the concerns of the nation. We are routinely harassed and beaten on by law enforcement officials because we are gay. Store refuse to service us or sell us products because we are gay. Pools refuse to recognize our families because we're not a traditional family. Should I go on, there is plenty more. You claim that gays and lesbians share the same rights as every other American, well I call BS on that assertion. I could relay to you countless anecdotal evidence to prove you're wrong. But I feel it would be pointless as you'd be too busy sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming out "la la la la la" just so you don't have to hear it.

    Ignore the plight of your fellow Americans if you will, but believe me, nothing means more to us than securing for ourselves and our families equality under the law. I'm sorry that you think our concerns are minor ones only. I guess that's just because they don't affect you. Now THAT'S selfish.
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