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    Hey everyone my name is sako (please call me spazzy).This is my first hack and it's name is Pokémon tough red (yes very cliché).As a kid I used to be a hardcore fan of Pokémon form the first gen to this very present day. The first game I played was Pokémon Red. I truly enjoyed the game but realized the game lacked challenge. After learning a bit about hacking I decided to make a harder version of this classic game. I hope you like it. I have been working on this hack for a month now


    Same as red version ( so original right ? )

    • Color graphics
    • increased difficulty
    • Starter Pokémon you choose affects your rivals team completely
    • Dark and steel types
      New trades

    images are in the attachments :O


    1)Swampert tools : For his hack tools

    2)Danny E : For him trying to teach me Hex editing and for his graphics patch and also my inspiration

    3)Coolboyman: For his dark and steel type patch and an inspiration

    4)Locksmitharmy: A Big Thank you For his 151 Pokémon emu edition red patch
    5) My buddies chetas and ram for editing trades and wild pokemon along with me

    Ending word
    Well this hack is 100% complete.
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