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    Originally Posted by Knzy2 View Post
    - Snivy is my favorite Gen. 5 starter, so I feel like I have to choose him. Also, none of the other grass types in the game interest me too much.
    Not much to say. Grass types are really underwhelming and the only one that really got me into them was Sceptile, who is of dragon's blood -- being able to learn Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, and the likes. Nonetheless, Serperior's better with his Dream World ability.

    If it's just because you want him, no ones stopping you. Fire/Fighting is quite old (altho emboar is the only one i like among the fire/fighting starters) and i hate Oshawott... so good choice.

    Riolu/Lucario or Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone
    - I've been going back and forth between the two, and both seem like really good choices for a team. Though I'm leaning towards Riolu and Lucario since they are obtainable earlier in the game than the Magnemite line.
    IMO, Magnezone is better in the long run. You may use Riolu/Lucario when you get him... but I think you should switch to magnemite immediately as you get it.

    Psyduck/Golduck or Staryu/Starmie
    - I know that Staryu and Starmie are the better choices, but a part of me wants to use Psyduck and Golduck because they available much earlier in the game than the other two.
    Not bad. Starmie has recover though, which i love (and am annoyed with) from water types. But if it's just to have a SURFer, Golduck's not bad. He could manage.

    - From what I can tell, Zubat and their evolutions aren't too bad in this game. It seems more fun, interesting and effective than choosing a regular and generic flying type like Pidove.
    Crobat's evolutions were never too bad. In fact, they're one of the best flyers - not counting legendaries and dragon/flying hybrids. Pidove's not even worth mentioning in Crobat's face. XP

    - I've never used one of these before, and it seems like it would work somewhat well. I really want a fire type for my team, and Volcarona is the only one that really catches my eye .
    <3 not bad, but do remember that Larvesta only evolves at level 59 (2nd longest pokemon to evolve; 1st being hydreigon @64)... so just be patient.

    - I don't feel like my team's complete without an ice type, and Sneasel is one of my favorite ice types design wise and gameplay wise. I don't know if Sneasel is better or worse than Swinub or Vanillite, but it's just a personal preference.
    One of my personal favorites as well. Weavile's actually a great ice type, as he's the fastest Ice pokemon you could ever get (i think it ties only with a legendary poke). Teach it ice punch and you're ready to go. However, it's walled by a lot of other typings though. On the bright side, you could use it best against Dragons and Flying pokemon -- 2 of which are very common in most teams.

    Do remember that most steel types would counter you real hard.

    As for ice types in general, Glaceon's pretty awesome too...
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