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Username: ZachLMedia (or call me Zach :3)
Reason for joining: PC has been the prominent forum I've visited these past few months, and I've had loads of fun being a member here and love participating in any get-togethers we have
Who's the site admin? Rukario

How did you find out about PC? I came across PC when I did a search on Google for "pokemon forum"

What's your favorite board on PC? Chit Chat & Polls - I'm always posting over there lol

What's your favorite event on PC? Get-togethers! I love the games, contests, and other sorts of fun that happen during them!

As for GT 2013, I am excited for it! I'm hosting two events and I'm a judge in another. I'm also looking forward to participating in as many events as I can!
👻 Happy Halloween 🎃