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    Originally Posted by Alteregos89 View Post
    sorry if this is already somewhere on here - the forum is still a bit tough for me to navigate.

    I was wondering, when using songs, tiles, art what is the best way to give credit?

    ex: I want to use a song from a movie/show in the pokemon game and want to use art I saw on google images - are those big "no no"s or is it doable?

    ~ thanks
    Like molivious said, it is always good to ask. However, sometimes the creator is long gone or won't get back to you. In that case, simply take their username (or real name) and add it to the credits list with a list of what materials you used of theirs. For my hack, I used sprites by JoshR691. Since the sheet was in public use with credits, I added him to the credit list and put "for opening charizard animation sprites".

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