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    Originally Posted by retinaburn View Post
    @FennekinFox Don't worry about what to trade. Consider it a favor, and a welcome to PokeCommunity! Maybe you can repay myself or another member on here sometime in the future.

    Let me know when you can pick her up!

    I went ahead and went flawless, 31 in all IVs. Stats are based on inherit values which are fixed and determined upon capture or egg pickup. IVs mixed with base stats and EVs determine final stats as the pokemon levels up. Are you in to battling? I'd love to battle some day!
    Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! I'm not really into battling much because my pokemon aren't all that great. But thanks for the offer. And thanks again. I'm ready to pick her up.

    I can't post urls so I had to get rid of everything. I'm waiting in Wifi right now.